Friday, 9 September 2011

Week in Pictures

Happy Friday!!

Here are some pics from my phone this week. Warning: I am completely uncool so don't be expecting any fancy photos of anything interesting ;)

Birthday pressies and cocktails. Looks like the cocktail has bug in, but I think it was basil and fennel!

Let's Do Lunch with Gino and Mel! I've been missing Gino and Mel this week, had to watch old episodes online instead.  I'm in love with Gino D'Acampo! I think ITV should have this on permanently instead of Loose Women!


My sister brought me back some nice (smelly) French Camembert from her camping trip in France. Lovely on toast with homemade plum chutney!


Subway is my weakness. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stop at 6". So good tho.

More French goodies. These aren't like the Monster Munch we have, they are a bit like Pom-Bears and have become my new favourite crisps! Probably just as well you can't get them here.

Thought I'd get back on MFP this week, it's difficult at the moment as I'm not in my usual routine but I'm determined to shed a few pounds.

I went shopping this week but ended up having one of those "I really should wait til I get paid" moments. Just wait pretty blouse - soon you will be mine!

Mr SS has left me in charge of a couple of DIY tasks this week. I think I did ok! Manicure went out the window though!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. You know I'm still new to this and I really appreciate your feedback and love getting comments from you guys. So if this is this the least interesting post you've ever seen, please tell me!


  1. I love camembert! Its smelly but tastes sooo good on crackers :)

  2. That blouse is gorgeous- hope you manage to get it soon! LOVE pombears, those crips look so good xx

  3. Subway is great, you may be able to find the crisps in a big Lidl, does that say ham and cheese flavour? Looks like a yum week.x

  4. @peachesandnothing Good idea! I shall have a look in Lidl and Aldi. Really like your blog btw. xo

  5. Oh I love that blouse, so pretty.

    Sadie xx