Thursday, 22 September 2011

NOTD: No7 Foxglove

Hi Pals!

Hope we're all good this week.

I picked up this polish a couple weeks ago with one of the Boots vouchers for £5 off No7. As I'm such a cheap ass I usually use them to buy make up brushes or muslin cloths but I had seen some reviews of the "Pigment Rich Colour" so headed for the nail polish counter. With the voucher it only cost £2.

I needed to apply 3 coats for a decent finish :(  But it dried quickly and I love the colour.

As much as I like the £5 off No7 vouchers, I do think they are a bit of a con. I mean this polish is nice, but I would never pay £7 for it. No way is it worth that, in my opinion! I think a lot of the No7 products are priced around the vouchers, like the No7 Facial Wipes for example at £7. Are you having a laugh Boots?!

What do you usually use the No7 vouchers for? Do you think the polishes are worth full price?



  1. Completely agree that No7 can be overpriced but I usually spend my vouchers on the nail polish. They dry much faster than other nail polished claiming to do the same and overall I'm usually happy with the finished colour.

    I really like this shade xxx

  2. Love this shade, very pretty :).

    Sadie xx

  3. Hahaha I use all my no7 vouchers on nail varnishes as well!
    And the shade is lovely, I love a deep pink nail varnish or lippie!
    great post!