Thursday, 18 August 2011

Benefit "Brows a go go" Wowcher Deal

You might have seen this deal recently on WOWcher or some of the other daily deal type websites. I’m normally a huge fan of these things and although I hadn’t used Wowcher before, this deal seemed too good to miss.

I paid £10 to Wowcher then a further £2 for p&p via PayPal through this site -

I received my “Brows a go go” kit on Tuesday and as soon as I opened the package, my heart sank. I just knew I’d been duped. I’ve had many Benefit products over the years and this just didn’t match up to the quality.

I’m well aware of the huge problem of fake cosmetics, but I thought this was probably just the stuff on eBay and that buying through a reputable company would be ok.

But as well all know, if something seems too good to be true – then it probably is just that.

From looking at the pictures you’d be forgiven for thinking it looked ok, and that’s why the fake cosmetic industry is so big, because if you’d never purchased Benefit before, you wouldn’t necessarily think there was anything wrong.

Now I do want to say that this might not be the case for all of the Benefit kits purchased through Wowcher, in fact I spoke to Sadie from who said that hers was fine. But I would say if you’ve received yours and you’re not sure, go along to your nearest Benefit counter and have a look at the one they are selling. If you think yours might not be genuine then give Wowcher a call, their number is on their site and they have been very helpful to me and confirmed that they will give me a refund.

By the way, when I was speaking to my local Benefit girl last night she told me that she gets people in regularly who have bought products from eBay and she’s had to tell them they are fake. More worrying than this, she had a lady in once who had bought a lot of make up at a wedding fair to use for her big day (she had MAC, Dior, Benefit the lot) and she had come in store to find out how to apply it properly. The girl had to tell her that it was all fake! So it just goes to show, this stuff is cropping up all over the place. It’s not like a cheeky wee fake handbag, you are putting this stuff on your face and god knows what’s in it. Personally, I’m not cool with that.

Two thumbs up to WOWcher for agreeing the refund.

Please let me know if you bought this deal and what your experience was.



  1. Thanks for the post. We believe that some of the Benefit products may not be satisfactory and we’re investigating the matter as we speak. In the meantime, if anyone is unhappy with their product please contact our customer services and we’d be happy to arrange a refund immediately.

  2. Every Benefit product I've bought, I've returned I don't know why but something about me and that brand doesn't click. I'm sorry about you getting duped though that's always a bummer.


  3. @Channing Awe thats a shame, Benefit's one of my faves but there are some brands that just dont click with me either. xo

  4. Oh how disappointing :(, I can't believe they get away with this kinda stuff!! Looking at mine to yours you can definitely tell the difference!! Did you look at my pics on my blog? Yours looks a little more faded too xx

  5. Yeah looked at the pics of you one. It looked ok compared to my duffer! xo

  6. That's so bad!!

  7. that's such a shame that this is happening, not just online! scary!


  8. I know vicki, just goes to show. You can never be too careful! xo

  9. Just received mine today and first thoughts were that it's fake or at the very least a second thats unsaleable. So did a quick search and found this blog and mine looks exactly like the one in the photos.(also the mirror is wonky!) As I bought this to give as a gift to my teenage niece whose a massive benefit fan I won't be giving it as she'd notice straight away! I did think this company didn't seem quite right as they only sell a few things.
    Will be contacting Wowcher on Monday, not impressed with them really for getting involved with a company that sells fakes and has put me off buying further vouchers from them.

  10. @claphamgirl Give them a phone they sent me a cheque within a few days. xo